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7405 Shallowford Rd STE 240

Charles Miller

Founder, CEO, CRNA

Charles Miller is a native of Chattanooga. He studied anesthesia in Nashville, TN through the MTSA program. His time at Vanderbilt provided him with the necessary education and experience in the administration of ERAS protocols which are the foundations for our advancements in pain management. Charles pursued training and greater understanding of the use of ketamine infusion in the treatment of mood disorder and decided to bring these unique and innovative treatment options home to Chattanooga. He brought a best practice methods based approach to improving pain management and mood disorder therapies. His knowledge and understanding of the process by which Ketamine facilitates changes on a measurable, demonstrable, and biological scale took years of experience and literature review to develop. Chattanoogans deserve the highest standard of treatment available and Charles insists on setting the bar high.