How to Choose a Ketamine Provider


As Ketamine Infusion Therapy becomes more available, it is important to choose a Ketamine clinic that follows best practice methods. Ideally, all medical facilities subscribe to best practice methods, including:

  • Private treatment rooms
  • Steady-state administration
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Minimally Stimulated Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Private treatment rooms are the minimum standard. Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a very personal, private experience and it should be treated that way. Minimizing stimulation is important, including screen time and conversation, and your own treatment room will allow for this. Those considering Ketamine Infusion Therapy should avoid clinics that have decades-old furniture; secondhand furniture can contain unknown contaminants from previous owners. A quality clinic invests in new, clean, non-porous furniture designed for comfort and cleanliness. Scenic City Neurotherapy also provides eye coverings and headphones for each treatment session.

Steady-state administration is key to reaching and maintaining the therapeutic blood levels necessary for the highest efficacy of treatment. Therefore, beware of clinics that administer Ketamine Infusion Therapy in a bag without a pump. Administration of ketamine without a syringe pump is irregular and highly unpredictable. Therapeutic blood levels are necessary for successful remission of symptoms and comfort of treatment. At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we utilize syringe infusion pumps that allow perfect dosing and administration so that your infusion quality is up to the highest standard.

While Ketamine Infusion Therapy is very safe, it is not without potential risks. Continuous monitoring removes the risk of missing harmful events that could arise with intermittent monitoring which generally occurs every 5-10 minutes. At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we utilize CareTaker Monitoring which allows us to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation second by second. All patients are continually monitored by board certified CRNA professionals, not nurses or medical assistants. Any provider who does not monitor you continuously is likely not competent to handle a problem should it arise.

The ideal doses for Ketamine Infusion Therapy can make stimulation uncomfortable and difficult to tolerate. At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we subscribe to the best practice method of Minimally Stimulated Ketamine Infusion Therapy (MSKIT). MSKIT utilizes optimal dosing, producing outcomes that exceed those of other clinics in the region. Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a catalyst that stimulates neurogenesis. This means that the experience, while greatly beneficial in its own way, is not responsible for the lasting relief of depressive symptoms. Creating an environment that minimizes stimulation assists the brain in reaching a theta wave state which then facilitates an ideal stimulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) release leading to neuro-optimization. Neuro-optimization is why Ketamine Infusion Therapy works.

Patients who are under the influence of ketamine are very suggestible. Any person interested in treatment should be cautious of clinics that utilize “guided experiences” or “ketamine-assisted psychotherapy” which they claim to enhance the experience. To guide the experience, they must reduce the ketamine dose below the recommended optimized dosing, which in turn decreases positive outcomes and typically requires an unnecessary and additional charge for the “guide.”

The suggestibility of a patient undergoing Ketamine Infusion Therapy allows the guide to lead the patient to realizations, breakthroughs, or higher understandings that hold little value once the ketamine wears off. Further, a patient being led to a realization under the influence of ketamine is like a drunk person feeling incredibly wise in the moment. The fact of the matter is this treatment is a physiologic reaction to the administration of a low-dose anesthetic causing brain optimization or improvement of neuronal (brain cell) communication. Your time in the chair can be beautiful, cathartic, and therapeutic all on its own. It is never frightening, and you are always in control.

Do not accept substandard care. A provider who does not adhere to the best practice standards listed above is likely trying to save a dime at your expense.

Scenic City Neurotherapy is the premier Ketamine Infusion and TMS therapy clinic in Chattanooga, TN. Our 1st priority is to provide you the highest quality of compassionate care and help you develop a plan for lifelong success. Let us offer you a better way.