The Cost of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

The use of ketamine in treating mood disorders is still considered to be an “off-label” use. This means that ketamine was created as an anesthetic/analgesic for surgical procedures. The fact that it effectively treats depression and other mood disorders is irrelevant until the drug is reclassified as an antidepressant. So until ketamine is reclassified by the FDA, insurance companies are not obliged to reimburse for ketamine infusion therapy. However, this does fall under the umbrella of a medical expense and we are able to accept payment from HSA or FSA accounts.

​We find that most insurances will reimburse you for ketamine treatments for the use of pain management. 

Many people have success getting reimbursed from their insurance companies for mood disorder treatments. Upon completion of treatment, we will offer a super bill that you can use to pursue repayment.

Tips for working to get your infusions refunded by insurance

Be persistent!

You may get a different decision from each representative you talk to, but keep trying and tell them your story. Explain how well this treatment has worked for you and others. Education is important in spreading Ketamine’s effectiveness and acceptance, not only to insurance companies and agents, but to the general public as well.

Mention the insurance gap

Since insurances do not have a coverage plan for any Ketamine providers, you can point out that this is a gap in overall coverage. In addition, you can suggest that they treat the infusions as they would any out of network provider. Don’t lose hope on coverage or yourself.

Even still, the cost of treatment can be hard to manage. In an attempt to ease this burden, Scenic City Neurotherapy offers a 0% interest payment plan option. This will allow you to spread the cost of treatment out over 12 months. We’ve crunched some numbers below that should give you a general idea about how this payment plan will look.

(If this is overwhelming, email us or give us a call. We will answer any specific questions you may have about treatment)

Now working with Osmind

You can use the Osmind app to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Mood Disorder Protocol

Initial Loading-Dose Infusions (6 total Infusions):

$2100 with a 0% interest payment plan
$2000 when paid in full

Single Maintenance Infusions
(follow up infusions as needed):

$350 (full payment due on infusion date)

Neuropathic Pain Protocol

Initial Loading-Dose Infusions (4 total Infusions):

$2600 with a 0% interest payment plan
$2400 with cash payment

Single Maintenance Infusions
(follow up infusions as needed):

$650 (full payment due on infusion date)

*We have special pricing for law enforcement, veterans, and first responders.

Our payment plan does not require a credit check. There is no penalty for early payoff, there are no hidden interest rates or fees. This is a simple “pay as you go” program to make the cost more affordable throughout the treatment process. The only requirement to utilize the 0% interest payment plan is a 10% down-payment of the initial loading-dose treatment which comes to $210. That’s all you need to get started.

We only allow payment plans for the six loading-dose infusions. The individual booster infusions must be paid for in full on the infusion date. Not every patient requires a booster infusion. There are those who only require a maintenance infusion every few months. Some start with maintenance infusions every 6 weeks and then can go longer and longer between treatments. The cost of treatment over time is relative to each patient’s individual needs. If you need less, you pay less. You are in charge of your treatment schedule. Your progress is measured by the self-reporting you provide during your follow up.

When considering the cost of treatment, please consider what you are saving on future therapy sessions and medications you will no longer need. Also, remember the toll that your condition places on you and your loved ones. It is up to you to decide what relief from your mood or pain disorder is worth to you.

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