Anxiety Treatment & Therapy in Chattanooga, TN


Anxiety treatments & remedies have come a long way in the last couple of years thanks to new science and advanced technology. Innovative new treatments are making it easier to find a treatment for anxiety that works for you. Everyone experiences occasional anxiety. However, people suffering from daily excessive anxiety and fear may suffer from an anxiety disorder. These disorders often revolve around repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear that reach a peak within minutes, known as panic attacks. Anxiety disorders can interfere with daily activities and be difficult to control but are most often out of proportion to the actual danger. You may actively avoid places, people, or situations to prevent anxiety.

Fortunately, the field of mental health treatment is greatly advancing. With the advent of Ketamine Infusion Therapy, people in Chattanooga, TN, who are suffering from anxiety disorders are finding better anxiety treatment within hours rather than the weeks that more traditional medications may take.

Woman discussing treatment with Charles Miller, CEO, CRNA

How does ketamine treatment for anxiety work?

The current understanding is that ketamine treatment blocks specific receptors in the brain causing an increase in the amount of a neurotransmitter, glutamate. This will then set off a physiologic process within the brain which produces an optimization effect that in turn affects thinking and emotional regulation.

To put this in simpler terms, the optimized communication in the brain produces thinking processes that are clearer and have emotional control so that patients can be present in the moment. Some small relief can occur within hours after a person receives their ketamine infusion, but to achieve the highest level of benefit patients will complete the current guidelines for treatment for stabilization established by researchers who were instrumental in developing our protocols.

Scenic City Neurotherapy Provides Better Treatment

You should not have to live with anxiety. Ketamine Infusion Therapy provides fast-acting, long-lasting relief from the symptoms of anxiety disorders. If you or a loved one is searching for anxiety treatment in Chattanooga TN, contact Scenic City Neurotherapy to schedule a consultation.