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Why Choose Scenic City?

Individualized Care

Individual differences among patients, in terms of their health, illness and needs, emphasize the necessity of individualized care. Our experienced team of professionals will sit down with you and discuss your medical history, events leading up to your illness, and any existing concerns. With years of experience, we have learned the importance of allowing our patients the time to discuss personal life situations such as education, culture, beliefs, habits, preferences and family involvement in patient care as these are all elements that could affect the patient’s decisions on treatment.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide a comprehensive plan tailored to our patient’s needs that will yield hope and relief from the symptoms they are experiencing. Responses to treatment will be evaluated and based on your unique needs, with adjustments being made accordingly.

Continuous Patient Monitoring

Ketamine infusion therapy is very safe, but it is not without potential risks. At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we utilize the Caretaker monitoring system which is an advanced form of patient monitoring which allows us to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation second by second. Continuous monitoring removes the risk of missing harmful events that could arise with intermittent monitoring which generally occurs every 5-10 minutes.

The Caretaker monitoring system is designed to be minimally stimulating as it is a simple finger sensor, as opposed to an arm cuff that squeezes and clicks, potentially compromising the effectiveness of the treatment. Safe, secure and accurate patient monitoring is important so that our providers can intervene before any problematic events could occur. At no time during the ketamine infusion is a patient left unsupervised.

Minimally Stimulated Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Patients under the influence of ketamine are very suggestible. The ideal dosages can make stimulation uncomfortable and difficult to tolerate. At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we subscribe to the best practice method of Minimally Stimulated Ketamine Infusion Therapy (MSKIT). MSKIT utilizes optimal dosing which leads to our outcomes exceeding that of other clinics in the region.

Ketamine infusion therapy is a catalyst that stimulates neurogenesis. This means that the experience, while greatly beneficial in its own way, is not responsible for the lasting relief of depressive symptoms. An environment that minimizes stimulation will assist the brain in reaching a theta wave state which then facilitates an ideal stimulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) release leading to neuro-optimization. Neuro-optimization is why ketamine infusion therapy works.

Steady State Administration

At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we utilize syringe infusion pumps that allow perfect dosing and administration so that your infusion quality is up to the highest standard. We caution against alternative administration methods such as in a bag without a pump because of the irregular and unpredictable administration. Steady-state administration is key to reaching and maintaining therapeutic blood levels. Our best-practice methods ensure our patients reach therapeutics blood levels that are necessary for successful remission of symptoms and comfort of treatment.

Private Rooms

Scenic City Neurotherapy has developed a relaxing, low stimulation environment that is as optimized as we can make it to enhance the patient’s outcome. Since ketamine infusion therapy is a very personal and private experience, we provide every patient with a private treatment room for the duration of their visit. We encourage our patients to use the provided headphones that play gentle rhythms to support a pleasant experience during the infusion. While some patients prefer turning off the overhead lights and turning on our lamps that have special bulbs specifically designed to keep the lumens at a certain dimness, others find eye coverings more beneficial to their treatment. Clean eye masks are available in the clinic.

Appointments are scheduled with enough time for the infusion prep, the actual ketamine infusion, and plenty of recovery time. While most patients are fully recovered within 20-30 minutes after the infusion, we allow our patients as much time as they need. We will make sure you are ready and safe after your infusion before we let your driver take you home.

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