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TMS Pricing

Discounts Available For Veterans, Law Enforcement, And First Responders.

Depression Treatment Covered by Insurance

Daily Treatment M-F for 6 weeks
(30 Treatment Sessions)

+ 6 Additional Sessions Over 3-Weeks
TOTAL – 36 Treatment Sessions
Covered by insurance for those who meet insurance criteria.

TMS Booster Package of (5)

Includes add-on therapy for anxiety, OCD, as well as PTSD.

TMS+Ketamine Booster

Includes (3) TMS treatments

(1) Ketamine Infusion Treatment

Scenic City Vacation Package

(6) Theta Burst treatments per day over 5 days (Total – 30 treatments)

Standard TMS Cash Pay


(30 treatment sessions over 6-weeks, then 6 TMS treatment sessions over 3-weeks)
Includes add-on for anxiety, OCD, or PTSD

Ketamine Infusion

Add-On Treatment (A Ketamine infusion added on during a full TMS Protocol)

TMS Add-On Treatment


Anxiety, OCD, PTSD
Package of (10) Treatments

TMS Booster Treatment

Includes add-on therapy for anxiety, OCD, as well as PTSD.

TMS Therapy is Covered by Insurance

Scenic City Neurotherapy in Chattanooga, TN will is an in-network provider for all major health insurances, including Medicare and Tricare.

TMS is covered by nearly all commercial insurance plans, including Medicare and Tricare. However, insurance only reimburses for TMS under the ‘Standard Treatment Protocol”. The Standard Protocol consists of a total of 36 treatments sessions.

The first 30 sessions are performed daily Monday through Friday for 6-weeks, followed by an additional 6-treatment session titrated over a period of 3-weeks. This treatment protocol was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2008. While the ‘theta bust’ treatment protocol has also been FDA approved, it is not yet reimbursed by the majority of insurance plans.

Our follow-up program helps to assure you are able to remain feeling good and symptom-free.