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At-Home Ketamine Therapy Dangers: In-Depth Insights

Insights into At-Home Ketamine Risks

At-home ketamine therapy has emerged as a concerning trend in mental health treatment, leading to severe outcomes, including laryngospasm-induced deaths. This shift away from best-practice models has resulted in increased self-administration of sublingual ketamine, posing significant risks to individuals seeking relief from mental health symptoms. The diversion from best-practice models has caused an increase in […]

Mental Health Stigma Seven Professionals Discuss

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Peeling back the layers of mental health stigma reveals a complex and pervasive force that shapes perceptions and experiences, often eluding easy definitions. In this blog post, we delve into the profound insights shared by professionals in the mental health industry, shedding light on the challenges of stigma and offering actionable strategies for fostering inclusivity […]

One Veteran’s Story with Ketamine Therapy

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In “Embracing Better with PTSD,” we interview Anna McCurdy, a trauma-focused therapist, covering her work with PTSD and how it pairs with the Ketamine Infusion and TMS Therapies offered at Scenic City Neurotherapy. We also welcome Josh, a veteran and special guest, who shares his firsthand experiences with Ketamine Infusion Therapy and PTSD, explored further […]

Ensuring Your Safety: Six Key Measures in Ketamine Therapy

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The landscape of mental health treatment has expanded, offering innovative approaches that challenge traditional modalities. Ketamine infusion therapy has grown to be a promising avenue for those seeking relief from conditions like depression, PTSD, and anxiety. However, with its unconventional nature and negative portrayal in the media comes understandable apprehension about safety. While it’s tempting to […]

Spring Into Action: Your 31-Day Guide to Cleaning Up Your Life


Are your goals buried under heaps of procrastination? Let’s unearth them in our 31-Day Spring Clean Your Life Challenge, starting March 18th! When we talk about spring cleaning, it’s usually in the context of sprucing up our living spaces, right? We scrub floors, declutter closets, and vacuum the corners we’ve neglected all winter. But what […]

The Dangerous Practice of DIY Ketamine Use: Prioritizing Safety

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“It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair Matthew Perry’s struggle with addiction is no secret. However, it is worth considering that the medication he took is likely in line with how the medication was being prescribed. In the wake of Matthew Perry’s […]