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Ensuring Your Safety: Six Key Measures in Ketamine Therapy

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The landscape of mental health treatment has expanded, offering innovative approaches that challenge traditional modalities. Ketamine infusion therapy has grown to be a promising avenue for those seeking relief from conditions like depression, PTSD, and anxiety. However, with its unconventional nature and negative portrayal in the media comes understandable apprehension about safety. While it’s tempting to view all ketamine clinics through rose-colored glasses, let’s face it: not all of them are created equal. It’s crucial to recognize that the principles set forth in scientific research don’t always translate to the real world.

In medical care, it’s recognized that certain individuals and entities prioritize financial gains over patient well-being, potentially leading to deviations from the quality standards outlined in peer-reviewed literature. Additionally, it is acknowledged that some providers and clinics who express interest in offering our suite of treatments encounter personal challenges related to time constraints, capabilities, or ethical standards that can impact the quality of their programs.

Scenic City Neurotherapy prioritizes patient safety.
Our approach, grounded in scientific research and literature, is supported by our commitment to refining, enhancing, and adapting our procedures and protocols in alignment with the latest advancements in research. 
Opting for ketamine treatment as a component of your healing journey requires a sense of security, and our aim is to provide insights and guidance to ensure just that.

Exactly as healthcare providers seek confidence that their referrals will undergo safe and effective treatment, it’s equally important for the broader community to have the assurance that the services they invest in will fulfill their expectations while maintaining their safety.

To address these concerns, Scenic City Neurotherapy developed a solution known as Minimally-Stimulated Ketamine Infusion Therapy (MSKIT). MSKIT protocols provide educational materials and resources for both patients and providers, offering clear guidance on a best-practice approach to ketamine administration. 

Fun fact! We have played a key role in the establishment of 12 clinics, ensuring the delivery of MSKIT to their communities, thereby enhancing safety and quality of care for all. 

Let’s start with the basics: Ketamine, when administered by certified professionals in a well-equipped clinic, maintains an outstanding safety track record. Years of clinical practice and thorough research consistently confirm its safety within these controlled environments. Here are a few characteristics of ketamine in a best-practice clinical setting:

  • Non-addictive
  • No need for weaning off
  • Non-opioid
  • Primary anesthetic for young children
  • Included in WHO’s 100 essential medications

Allow us to shed light on why you can confidently trust that MSKIT places patient safety and treatment outcomes first:

  1. Qualified Medical Supervision: We entrust the administration of ketamine treatments solely to Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). These highly skilled professionals are specialized in anesthesia delivery, thoroughly assessing patients, creating tailored anesthesia plans, and monitoring patients throughout medical procedures. Equipped with essential emergency response capabilities, our CRNAs ensure patient safety by implementing life-saving measures in the face of potential health risks, such as the critical complication of laryngospasm (airway closure).
  2. Private Rooms: At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we have designed a relaxing, low-stimulation environment that enhances treatment outcomes. Since Ketamine Infusion Therapy is deeply personal, we prioritize privacy by providing each patient with a private treatment room for their visit. To enhance the experience, we provide headphones with soothing rhythms. We turn off the overhead lights, leaving soft lamp light illuminating the room. For those who prefer complete darkness, eye masks are available. We also encourage patients to dress comfortably and bring any personal comfort items, such as blankets, to further tailor their experience to their preferences.
Fun Fact! The walls of our treatment rooms are not just any walls—they are soundproofed to provide you with ultimate comfort and peace during your infusion.
  1. Patient Monitoring: We utilize the Caretaker monitoring system, enabling real-time monitoring of vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, and ensuring immediate intervention if any concerning trends arise during the infusion. Our commitment to constant supervision means patients are attentively monitored at every stage of their treatment. To enhance patient monitoring further, we ensure an extra layer of security with our ‘watchful eye in the sky’ – cameras without audio. These discreet cameras are strategically placed to provide visual monitoring throughout each session. While respecting privacy, they offer added reassurance for both patients and staff, maintaining a safe and secure environment at all times.
  2. Controlled Dosing: With IV ketamine, the dosage can be precisely measured and controlled, ensuring accurate administration. Your CRNA can tailor the dose according to individual requirements, responses, and safety precautions. Compared to ketamine used for at-home purposes, veterinary applications, or recreational use, the doses administered during treatment are typically significantly lower. The IV administration of ketamine enables precise dosage control, guaranteeing consistent and optimal therapeutic levels for your treatment.

(Lightbulb) Fun Fact! The effects of a 1200 mg sublingual dose of ketamine is equivalent to the effects of a much lower IV dose (150-200 mg). The IV administration ensures 100% bioavailability, ensuring the entire dose enters the bloodstream for therapeutic effect, while sublingual absorption varies from 10% to 30%, leading to less predictable outcomes. Providers are currently prescribing sublingual doses from 150mg to 1600 mg to compensate for poor absorption, increasing risks associated with at-home ketamine use.

  1. Steady State Administration: At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we utilize syringe infusion pumps that contribute to perfect dosing and administration, ensuring infusion quality is the highest standard. Steady-state administration is key to reaching and maintaining therapeutic blood levels, which in turn facilitate optimal stimulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) release. This process, known as neuro-optimization, highlights the effectiveness of Ketamine Infusion Therapy in achieving successful remission of symptoms and ensuring patient comfort throughout treatment.
  2. Post Treatment Care: IV ketamine therapy serves as one component of a comprehensive treatment plan. Our primary objective in treatment is to restore control to the conscious and logical areas of your brain, influencing not just what you feel but also the intensity of those feelings. This process primarily entails physiological changes within the brain. 

It’s essential to assess your lifestyle choices to promote success beyond the treatment alone. Hence, our commitment to educating healthcare professionals about our treatment options, directly benefiting our patients.

Our patients often emphasize the importance of working with a therapist who understands ketamine therapy, as it can significantly impact the treatment process. Our focus is on ensuring healthcare providers grasp the effectiveness of our therapies and how they can best support patients in achieving their goals. As a patient with us, you have access to a network of healthcare providers knowledgeable in ketamine and TMS, guaranteeing you receive well-informed care throughout your healing journey.

(Lightbulb) Fun Fact! We’ve educated the minds of over 300 local healthcare professionals across a diverse spectrum, including mental health practitioners, physical therapists, internal medicine specialists, massage therapists, and chiropractors!

In conclusion, while the expansion of mental health treatment options has opened doors to innovative approaches like ketamine infusion therapy, ensuring safety remains top priority. 

At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we prioritize patient well-being through Minimally-Stimulated Ketamine Infusion Therapy (MSKIT). Our dedication to safety is evident through expert medical supervision, private treatment rooms designed for comfort and privacy, meticulous patient monitoring, controlled dosing, and steady-state administration. Our commitment extends beyond our treatments to ensure post-treatment care and ongoing education for healthcare providers. With our focus on safety, efficacy, and patient support, we aim to provide a patient experience that instills confidence and nurtures long-term well-being. 

Trust Scenic City Neurotherapy to guide you toward a better tomorrow, one step at a time. Schedule a no-cost consultation by calling 423-228-0579. 

The SparkNotes Edition

At Scenic City Neurotherapy, we advocate for patient safety and quality care through our commitment to education. We believe that empowering healthcare professionals with knowledge about our treatment options directly benefits our patients. Through our comprehensive approach, patients can access a network of providers educated on ketamine infusion and TMS therapies, ensuring informed and supportive care throughout the healing journey.

Our dedication to patient safety is reflected in our protocols, from qualified medical supervision and private treatment rooms to advanced patient monitoring and controlled dosing. These measures, coupled with post-treatment support, highlight our commitment to providing a safe, comfortable, and effective treatment environment.

As we continue to refine our procedures and protocols, our goal remains the same: to provide patients with the highest standard of care and support as they move forward in their journey toward better mental health. With Scenic City Neurotherapy, you can rest assured that your healing and safety are our top priorities.

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